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Rachel, St Catherines, ON, CANADA

Amazing programs!! So beneficial and Leanne really pushes you to be the best person you can be in and outside of the workouts! She is accountable, reliable, hard working and dedicated to every one of her clients!! All around great person, coach and friend!!

Michelle, Oakville, ON, CANADA

This was a wonderful and effective program. There was a lot of value for the price. From meal plans, exercise routine, Facebook support, your responsive support and Zoom live sessions- it was packed with the tools you needed to be successful. The meals were also great, and I really liked the fact that my family enjoyed them, too. Always hated making two dinners when I was on a eating program, so this worked well for me. Looking forward to the next month's challenge and to continue on my road to better health. Thank you for all of your support through this process.

Laura, Fife, Scotland, UK

Leanne is a great motivator and can gauge what you need and what suits you. The options she provides and the variations suits all abilities and means that people can push themselves further. I loved the nutrition pack and the meal planning especially with the matching shopping list. It makes sticking to healthy and clean eating so much easier. Regardless of results I feel fitter and I know my body has changed and that I have been pushing myself. I can’t thank Leanne enough.

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