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Kim, Burlington ON

If I was only allowed to have one word for Leanne, it would be Absolutely AMAZING! Ok, that was 2 words…She has changed my life in only a few months and reversed the insane programming in my brain about dieting and exercise. I’ve been on a ton of popular diet programs over the years and always gained the weight back. With Leanne it’s very different. She has taught me so much about eating healthy and yes there are a lot of trainers out there that claim to know a thing or two about this. BUT Leanne is the very first trainer that has educated me on the fact that I wasn’t eating enough and therefore holding onto body fat as a result. What a shock, who knew that I could eat more (good quality food) along with exercise and lose body fat! Leanne sent me a beautifully laid out cookbook with a meal plan that includes a grocery list to help me with my journey. As a trainer she is positively energetic and alters my workouts to help with some injuries I have. She is extremely well educated in the fitness industry and super motivating. I look forward to seeing her positive smiling face at every workout  as we have a good girl chat! I will forever be a changed woman, living my best life because of her! YOU ROCK!!!!!


Elisa, Brampton ON

I have had the pleasure of being Leanne's teammate for the past year and now I am grateful to have her as a fitness coach. Her energy and passion for helping others achieving their fitness goals is inspiring. Each session she coaches is different, tough and she makes you sweat like crazy, but I also have so much fun and she constantly encourages you to work your absolute hardest. She brings out the best in all those around her.


Thanks to Leanne, she has helped me feel stronger and more motivated to keep striving for new goals. She works hard to ensure all her clients and teammates are achieving their fitness goals. It has been amazing working with Leanne these past few months. I highly recommend Forkers Fitness to anyone looking to improve their level of fitness. Thank you, Leanne, you are amazing! 



Derek, Burlington ON

Working with Leanne over the past 8 moths has been fantastic. After suffering an injury 4 years ago, I was hesitant to begin working out again. After meeting with Leanne, we developed a fitness plan that met my fitness goals while also focusing on rehabilitation. Leanne is a passionate trainer that is
a pleasure to work with. Her positive energy and work ethic are inspiring and is what pushes me to meet my fitness goals. Working in a sedentary job, Leanne taught me the importance of adopting an
active lifestyle outside of the gym and created a sustainable nutrition plan for me that allows me to still enjoy life. I am privileged to continue to work with Leanne and I am so glad that she is a part of my life!

Thank you, I will keep saying it to you......Your enthusiasm for exercise is infectious and it makes people want to give it 110% that is a rare thing. In my entire time exercising (that is a hell of a long time) I have only met 2 other instructors that make you feel like that!! Keep it up!!


Hilary O'conner, Edinburgh 

I needed a PT to help me lose weight and tone up for my wedding. Leanne's profile stood out for me from all the others and after our first consultation I booked her for 10 sessions. Leanne listened to what I wanted and worked with me to achieve my goals. She took on board my likes and dislikes and kept it varied and interesting. She has the patience of a saint for putting up with my moans especially the 7am sessions. I had a total of 20 sessions and by the end my fitness was up, I had lost weight, toned up and even enjoyed working out. I would totally recommend this amazing lady. :-)


Afsha Raza, Edinburgh

Initially I was really nervous about getting a personal trainer, with images of being made to cry after an hour on the treadmill.  I couldn’t have been more wrong!  Within 5 minutes with Leanne I felt relaxed and comfortable in her company and trusted that she knew what I wanted to achieve and my likes and dislikes in the gym.  The sessions are always well planned, and you really feel like you’re getting the most out of your time with Leanne.  She really knows her stuff, and that combined with her infectious energy and genuine passion for getting her clients to their goals make her stand out from the rest of the personal training crowd. Cannot recommend enough!


Jennifer Mann, Edinburgh


Laura, Burlington ON

Leanne started to train my soccer team this past spring through an online video platform. Even though the sessions were online, they were possibly the most intense workouts I have ever been through (a great thing for an athlete!). The sessions were tailored to what a soccer player should be focusing on to be prepared for the outdoor season. Not only would she work with us during each session, but she would also be available anytime for questions on diet and recovery. Leanne genuinely wants to see you improve and she is there to support you through the entire process. I admire her dedication and passion for her work - I would highly recommend Forkers Fitness!



Erin, Burlington ON

Leanne is an excellent person to have around. She constantly motivates her clients and teammates, encouraging everyone around her, including herself, to get better while having fun! Leanne has made working out very accessible during COVID and I appreciate her work ethic and people skills! 


Talia, Oakville ON

Thank you so so very much Leanne for all your hard work and dedication in not only helping us maintain our fitness but pushing us to improve ourselves as athletes. Your positivity and encouragement in training is unmatched and we are so lucky to call you a teammate and friend.

Leanne is an excellent personal trainer. I did 4 weeks of 30 minutes PT twice a week and then I did 6 weeks of 1 hour boxing and I loved it all! Leanne pushes you to your limit and you see the results. Everyone has commented on how much weight I've lost and how much I've toned up. She keeps you motivated and is so encouraging. I also got an nutrition plan from her and have seen excellent results from that as well. When you first go to Leanne she asks you what your goals and what you hope to achieve. I have nothing bad to say about Leanne, she is hands down the best PT I have ever had. I would recommend her to anyone at any fitness level because no matter how unfit you are she will keep you motivated and will help you increase your fitness and I can guarantee you that if you stick to it you will see amazing results. Thank you Leanne.

Fiona Divers, Edinburgh

If you want someone to motivate you and spur you on to do things you never thought you could, then Leanne is the PT for you. Leanne comes to my house for my sessions. She is flexible and reliable. She has worked with me (a rather ageing specimen!) in a way that suits me - always attentive to aches and pains but never allowing a too easy option. At the end of each session I feel energised and satisfied that I've given my body a full work out. I would recommend her if you're looking for someone to challenge and support you - oh, and have a bit of fun too.


Caroline, Limekilms FIFE

I block booked Leanne for 10 sessions following taking an exercise class with her and being blown away by her enthusiasm & full of admiration for her toned body. While I don't care what the scales say I would love to be a perfect size 12 and wanted to see if Leanne could help me achieve that goal.


Leanne is so enthusiastic about fitness it's hard to not get excited with her, after my first session (when I could barely walk down the stairs) I knew I'd made the right choice of PT.  She balances a perfect mix of working you hard but not beasting you - she makes you want to work hard & talks at you constantly while you're working out which really helps as time flies by!


I have learnt a lot about my own bodies abilities and got a much better idea of what I can do alone in the gym since working out with Leanne. As well as being enthusiastic and encouraging Leanne is very accommodating - if you need to cancel a session she happily re-arranges it and, on one occasion when I was feeling ill, she cut the session short and gave me the time back - I don't know how many PTs would do that but it's all part of her charm.


Sadly I've had to stop working out with Leanne at the moment due to work commitments but I'll be back in shot as soon as I can free up some time as I think she can definitely help me achieve my goals!

Megan Park, Edinburgh

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