Online Bodyweight Group Training

Online Bodyweight Group Training

What to expect throughout the monthly training:


Online group training can be done anywhere. You will work with others on the same journey as you with similar goals making it more cost effective for you. All workouts, check in's and measurements will be delivered via Forker's Fitness App on your phone.


4x Body Weight Workouts per week (beginner, intermediate and advanced options).

1x Live Workout per week.

3x Core Work Outs per week.

2x Recovery Work Outs per week. (Mobility/Stretching/Foam Rolling)

52 High Protein Recipe pack (all can be scanned into MyFitnessPal)

2x Meal Planner with shopping list

Progress Diary - track your measurements, fill in a diary, training planner etc.

Goal Setting Planner

Online Support 24/7 Online

Support via Email

Facebook Accountability Group - Become part of a community on the same journey as you.


30 Days of hard work, are you in?..

  • Download available after purchase


    • Can I do the workouts at home?

    Yes, you can do the workouts anywhere! You do not need a gym. Just a small space you can workout in. 

    • Is there a certain time that the workouts have to be complete? 

    No, you complete the workout given on the day in your own time that suits you. 

    • My calories do not fit the meal plan, what do I follow, the meal plan or the macros?

    You can adjust the meal plan to suit your macros/calories by changing the meals around with the suggested calories and macros on the meal plan. Or create your own meal plan sticking to some of the recipes and anything else that fits your macros.

    • What if there is an exercise on my program I cannot do?

    Leanne has completed variations for each exercise to help any level of fitness. There are beginner, intermediate and advanced options to each exercise. 

    • Are the recipes set for 1 person or a whole household?

    The recipes are set for 1 person, so if there are two of you wanting to follow the plan then you would need to double up on some of the shopping to match this. Some of the recipes also serve up to 4 people, this is handy for having leftovers the next day. E.G. If it serves 2 please only eat half of that meal.

    • Some of the recipes are high in fat, will this affect my results?

    No, these are good fats. Usually when a meal is high in fat it is lower in carbs/protein.

    • What can I do after I complete the program?

    You have a few options and Leanne will contact you with regards to the next steps if you wish to take them.

    • Who can complete this program?

    Honestly, anyone. Leanne has worked hard to make sure all the workouts are achievable for every level. Video demonstrations, timers and instructions available for all workotus making it very simple for you.